"Unity is what we need to make America great again... We need to stand united and with a powerful voice say, 'NO.' Or, NOTA, more specifically."


Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. This is not a joke. In fact, our capacity as Americans to laugh and poke fun at this asinine situation is a dire setback. The future of our country is at stake and right now we are facing a vote for the “lesser of two evils.” How frightening is this? How did this happen? Are we really going to sit back and allow either a raging buffoon or devious snake to become the mighty leader and voice of our country? America, this is a call to action. We do have a choice. We can say nice try, but NOPE!

"Stop thinking we can’t change “the way it is.” We definitely can’t if we don’t lift a finger to try. We will get nowhere being silent."

Let me address the fatalistic thought process that is so prevalent in our society: “We don’t have a say. Our government is predetermined and chosen by a higher class of powerful officials. Our choice as the people of America is an illusion, therefore making it useless to cast a vote. Our votes do not matter.” Here’s the thing. We do—supposedly—live in a democratic society, meaning We the People have a voice through a voting platform. If this is not the case, it is up to us as the people to call out our government and make them accountable to honor the system and their strong-rooted faith in it, because they won’t do it otherwise. Nothing will change unless We change it.

Here’s how…


We must first hold ourselves accountable for our votes. In order to regain our control, we must have transparency. We have to stop hiding behind the pen and declare our individual votes. With a public voicing of votes we can have an indisputable count, making it clear and irrefutable what the majority of America wants. If the majority of Americans do not want any of our current presidential options come this November, we have the power to vote for something they haven’t offered us. Just write in “None Of The Above” on the blank Write-In line in the presidential candidate box, use the I VOTED NOPE (NOTA) artwork to post a proud declaration on your social media, and with the majority of votes they must then provide us with new options. It’s that easy. If we don’t want what is being offered to us, we vote for new choices. If the government chooses not to oblige, then we will have publicly uncovered their scheme of false democracy, after which, change will be inevitable and certain.

Change in definition is something being done differently than it has been done before. We all know that politicians feed heaps of funds into their campaigns and that those heaps are created from many different lobbyist parties. Because it has been done this way in the past, we may have the tendency is to think that we need filthy amounts of money to accomplish this success. We don’t need millions of dollars to stake a campaign for NOTA—all we need is to share and spread this word as much as we can. Talk about it. Get active in this movement and tell everyone you know about it. If Sharkeisha can go viral overnight, I’m pretty sure that together we can get the word out about NOTA in time for Election Day. Let’s use our techie sharing powers for some good this go round.

Stop thinking we can’t change “the way it is.” We definitely can’t if we don’t lift a finger to try. We will get nowhere being silent. If you are planning to waste your vote by not casting it, or are simply choosing to not take part in the seemingly imminent destruction of our nation—why not go out on a limb for change? What can it hurt? If you are leaning towards either Clinton or Trump, I urge you not to vote under pressure for the wrong reasons. Vote not because you are a feminist, not for entertainment value, not for fear of what might happen if the other candidate wins, not because you feel you have to choose one or the other. We can and should go into the polls and vote nope on this three-ring circus. Let’s see if something different works this time.

Unity is what we need to make America great again. We must not allow ourselves to be walked on by our government representatives. We need to stand united and with a powerful voice say, “NO.” Or, NOTA, more specifically.

If you look closely, you’ll recognize that the media has manipulated the Black Lives Matter movement, twisting its original message of sufferance and its plea for all-embracing acceptance and is now using it as a scheme to distract us, hijack our thought processes—and more importantly—racially divide us in order to separate our united power that we need now more than ever. We are currently facing our government leaders with our pants down as they use ancient war tactics against us described in Sun Tzu’s Art of War:

“If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.”

Don’t become a pawn in this game of war. We don’t need violence to spark change. We must spark the change ourselves peacefully, positively, their way—through voting for it. Together we are powerful; divided we are weak. Choose strength. Vote NOTA.

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