It Ain't Money, Honey

The more you visit me here, the more you'll find that my site is not just about fashion & style. It's about living life... I mean REALLY LIVING LIFE. That in an of itself takes a certain style and finesse. These past few years I've realized that "living" does not mean working a 9-5 job, building somebody else's dream. It doesn't mean barely scraping by, slaving away hours of my life just to barely pay bills every month. 

Let's talk about the word "success" for a minute.

Think about your idea of success... Close your eyes & really envision what success looks like to you.

In my success vision I see myself healthy, glowing, full of energy, waking up every morning with a smile on my face, harvesting my own fruits & veggies from a garden, having all my basic necessities covered, helping other people --- ultimately being completely in touch with myself and with the world surrounding me. Call me a hippie, an idealist --- whatever. 'Success', to me, is personal growth and ultimate inner peace & happiness. 'Riches' to me are family, real friends, love, a legacy.     

And so I continue my quest...

I've made a promise to myself that I will always love the person staring back at me in the mirror. And if ever I don't like that reflection, I will change. Over the years, I've become completely in tune with who I am -- a master of introspection. This pseudo-superpower helps me grow in the direction of success. As I continue my journey, I will give into the gravitational pull of my soul, wherever that may take me. I'm absolutely thrilled to take on this feat of fearlessness, and if I can inspire others along the way, then I have created my legacy.

 Handwritten by me.

Handwritten by me.

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