Confessions of an anti-fashion fashion designer.

Okay. So what the hell is an anti-fashion fashion designer doing designing fashion?


I'm not against fashion itself. I'm against what most people in the fashion industry stand for: material things. It's not about conforming to the masses, it's not about how expensive it is, the status quo, or how it appears when people see you wearing it --- it's about creating your very own unique style within your means. Tailor-made fashion. 

Don't get me wrong, I like things. Specifically nice things.

But as I'm the type who likes not  wearing things even more than wearing things -- sometimes you just have to put your gawtdamn pants on. So, now what? What to wear when you ultimately want to wear nothing? Hello...

Think not your Juicy terry sweatsuit, UGG boots & Louis Vuitton bag, ya simple bitch. True comfort is something you feel sexy in. Something that is purely you --- as if you were to be in your own skin. Because why would you settle for anything less? Your style should be your own. All the time. Never forced.

I think it's important to find yourself, not within the current trends, but express You through what You like to wear & what You do do, boo boo. Why try to be someone else when most other people don't even do things for solid reasons, they merely do things because someone cooler than them told them it was cool. 

J'adore conformity? Nope. And I sure as hell won't stop trying new things. Ever.

My style is more eclectic, unpredictable, and definitely not something that will fade like faux character in time. 

I get it though. Choosing a style is overwhelming when so much nonsense is being pushed in your face these days. The majority of people cling to their comfort level. What's my secret?

I just do things that I had never thought of before, and they end up being brilliant.

Anti-fashion to me means I despise the predictability from season to season. I scoff at the boring, hideous fads that disguise themselves as trends and last far too long to be cool, yet never long enough to be classic. And I absolutely do not want to be a part of the "in crowd" if it means becoming a nose-raising hot head who thinks that fashion is LIFE. Because, actually, there's a lot more to it than that. 

 Ugh. Get your own life. 

Ugh. Get your own life. 

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